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Please contact Peter at 919-801-6789 or email sales@LEDAdventures.com if having trouble getting lights ordered through this site (which we are work on to improve functionality).

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Peter and Jimmy


p.s.  kind of cool that the first LED Gigging Light for wading is still the best one out there, thanks for the confidence!

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Super Gig-a-Bite Light

A Super-bright Gig-a-Bite light, the same light as the Gig-a-Bite Light but with higher output lumens for a brighter Lumen output. Brighter lumens achieved by higher continuous current draw electronics than on the regular Gig-a-Bite light. Batteries will last 45min-60min at constant level and then will slowly start to dim. Pop in a new battery pack back to get back to steady full power. A regular Gig-a-Bite Light will last >3 hours on fresh batteries before beginning to slowly dim.