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Gig-a-Bite Light

The latest technology in LED flounder gigging lights available anywhere. Super bright, lasting 4 hours on 8 AA batteries, and weighing only 2+ pounds. This light changes the whole experience.

$175.00 (USD)

The Gig-a-Bite Light has revolutionized flounder gigging in North Carolina shallows where it got its start.  It weighs only a couple pounds, and uses 8 AA-batteries to power 4 highly efficient LEDs (under a single very small lens) lasting 4 hours with steady current control.  The result is bright cool-white (bluish white) output that lights up the water like nothing you have waded with before. We are extremely pleased by the word-of-mouth business that has been generated by this must-have flounder gigging tool.
When it comes to outstanding flounder gigging products, The Gig-a-Bite Light is the new product leader. Field tested, salt water designed, this light will last.

Don't miss additional information that can be found under Catagories: Gigging Lights on the main page.

Product Specifications
Length 46.5 inches
Weight 24 ounces (1.5 lbs)
Power Supply 8 AA-batteries
Lumens 520 lumens typical
Full Brightness Continuous On-Time before dimming 4 hours typical at full brightness then slightly dimming for days
Viewing Angle 115 degrees typical FWHM
Max Heat Sink Temperature 50C typical maximum out of water steady-state running (Will not burn human skin, semi-hot to touch worst case)
Type of LEDs used in product Cool White High Power LEDs
Cautions Remove battery pack when storing unit. Do not leave light ON when head is not able to transfer heat to the environment (do not wrap up or cover head and leave ON as excessive heating will occur). Do NOT look into the LED, you will see spots for some time afterwards and this could be dangerous.
Warranty 90 days from date of purchase, no questions asked if product not abused.